Cyber Attacks In The Media: Are SME’s Less Of A Target Or Simply Less Publicised?

Cyber Attacks In The Media: Are SME’s Less Of A Target Or Simply Less Publicised?
With the media reporting on cyber-attacks what may feel like every week, large organisations such as the NHS have nowhere to hide in the event of an attack. Many members of the general public will be aware of the attack on the NHS of 2017, and some will even be aware of ‘WannaCry’, however is this due to the scale of the attack or simply media publicity?

All businesses that store, save or digitally transfer data are at risk of being hacked if the correct security measures are not in place. Once the walls have been broken down by a fraudster, they then have access to exploit all of the data and systems, and will often only restore them to their original state in return for a large fee. So no matter the size or nature of the business, all businesses are vulnerable.

Are SME’s less of a target?

There is a common belief that SME’s are less of a target for hackers as there is less to be earned from an attack, as they will typically have fewer data records, fewer systems and a lower turnover. However, they are also less likely to have a large IT department or civilised security measures in place, making it easier for a hack to take place. A cyber hacker may think of it as a mass market approach, rather than one large scheme with more chances to get caught. Therefore, small business owners need to be aware of this and just because cyber attacks are not being so widely broadcasted, doesn’t mean they are not taking place.

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